2008 5th Annual Texas Steak Cookoff

The Hors d'oeuvres division:

1. G's Q - Gary Brister - Hico
2. Safari Hunting Adventures - Tommy Bishop - Hico

Backyard Chefs Winners:

1. Lake Whitney Meat Co. - Kenney Heath - Whitney
2. Leggo My Angus - Bart Thompson - Dallas
3. Cook-n-Co. - Kyle Cook - Goldthwaite Texas
4. G's Q - Gary Brister - Hico

Celebrity Chef Winner:

Curren Dodds - Let's Eat in Bluff Dale Texas

The other Teams that were in the top ten (there is no order)

Do Work - Greg Eilers - Walnut Springs
Can't Beat Our Meat - Scott Studenko - Waco
Texas Luau Kings - Zack Cryer - Hico
Stump's Brew and Que - Randall Foster - Stephenville
M2 - Dwain Matelski - Crowley
Cruel and Unusual - Rob Banes - Dallas

Best Of Show:

Can't Beat Our Meat - Scott Studenko - Waco

Gator Winner:
Mildred Bottlinger - Hamliton

Hasty-Bake Grill:
Dr. Dayton - Hico

The backyard chefs served 1,750 steaks during dinner. EDC Officials estimate as many as 4,000 to 5,000 tourists visited Historical Downtown Hico. "Without the cooperation of our downtown businesses the Texas Steak Cook Off could not be successful and continue to grow as it does year after year." According to Steve Morgan, Cook Off Chairman. Mike Barnes, Co-Chairman of the Cook Off stated, "Tourism has become key to growth and prosperity in Hico and nothing draws tourist like the Annual Texas Steak Cook Off."

The Texas Steak Cook Off will air on the Food Network Challenge Series between August of 2008 and spring 2009. Exact dates will be posted as we know them.