2012 9th Annual Texas Steak Cookoff

Top 10 Back Yard Chefs:

1. J,L & M---Canyon,Texas
2. Wild Bunch BBQ Cookers, Team #2---Odessa, Texas
3. Luau Kings---Dallas, Texas
4. GOV Cap Grillers---Southlake, Texas
5. Pirates of the Prim Ribean---Garland, Texas
6. Not available yet
7. Kerr Cattle Cooks---Henrietta, Texas
8. Dirty Dawgs---Hico, Texas
9. Steak Wranglers---Hico, Texas
10. Rehab BBQ---Dallas, Texas

Best in Show:

1. Sir Loin Brothers---Austin, Texas

Hors d'oeuvres:

1. Kerr Cattle Cooks---Henrietta,Texas
2. Team Red Solo Cup---Dallas, Texas
3. G Q's ---Hico, Texas, Texas

Texas Wine Tasting:

1. Flat Creek Winery---Marble Falls, Texas, Texas
2. Fiesta Winery---Lometa, Texas

Top 30 Hands

Pirates of the Prime Ribean
Rehab BBQ
Czech These Steaks
A Lil Reckless
Lake Whitney Meat Companyg
Steak Wranglers
Laua Kings
Cook N Company
Lone Star Cookers
Pivo Diablos
The Fast & the Furious
Sons of a Motherless Goat
Cowboy Way
GOV Cap Grillers
Dirty Dawgs
Team Red Solo Cup
Monster Meat Cooking Team
Kerr Cattle Cooks
Pete Moss Meat Company
Smokin Natives
Words to Ribeye
Red Rivers BBQ Crew
Overthere Cookers
North Dallas Grillbillies
Wild Bunch BBQ Cookers, Team #2
Diamond M. Steaks
FMC #2
J, L & M